Bias i risikovurderingsalgoritmer

This paper argues that one should be aware of the use of risk assessment algorithms in the criminal justice system in regard to ethical concerns. To further investigate this inquiry this paper discusses four objections, against the use of biased opaque risk assessment algorithms in the criminal justice system. It is concluded in this paper, that an opaque risk assessment algorithm, does not necessarily become more legitimate if it becomes more transparent.

Computerspils afhængighed

This project assignment deals with the issue of gaming disorder. WHO gave its first proposal on a definition of gaming disorder in 2016, and in 2018 gaming disorder was officially defined in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). This has spawned a lot of debate among scholars. The project attempts to answer how gaming disorder emerges and is developed in males, within the age group 20-30 year old, with a specific focus on the computer game called World of Warcraft.

VR- og kreativitet

This project examines children in contact with Virtual Reality and how the techology affects creativity.
By using the creative tool Tilt Brush, the focus lies on the childrens’ interactions where the children have used the different tools and methods available to them in Tilt Brush.

It can be concluded that the children have an interest in the technologies and can expad on their already existing knowledge from other technology platforms such as smartphones and tablet.


Mars Expedition Initiative, we bring Earth to Mars.

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