Argumentation i Danske Klimaudspil

Through analysis of the use of topoi and different angles in argumentation, we arrived at an overview of three Danish climate proposals – from the current government, Socialdemokratiet and Enhedslisten. We applied and compared this to a focus-group of Danish voters, in which we found similarities and diversions in argumentation.
Most notably, we found it fairly clear that there is several communication-problems between the voters and politicians, heavily found in divisions of topoi and mistrust from the voters.

Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse Roskilde

Fra efterår 2018 til folketingsvalget 2019 udgjorde studerende fra RUC en underafdeling af Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse på campus. I denne tid havde afdelingen succes med en klimastrejke, der samlede over 100 elever og ledte til en protest mod den amerikanske ambassadør. Samt et debatevent med Pernille Skipper og lokale forskere, der førte til konstruktiv diskussion med inddragelse af de studerende og omtale i pressen. Roskildeafdelingen er nu sat på pause for at fokusere på København i forbindelse med folketingsvalget, med mulighed for genaktivering i fremtiden.

Videoproduktion for MSE

To cover a graduation-event and brand the MSE-education at RUC, we produced three videos in various formats, highlighting the value of the education through different alumnae.

Fremtidens Landmænd

As a reaction to current agriculture’s impact on the climate crisis, we examined future farmers through fieldwork and cultural analysis of Kalø Økologiske Landbrugsskole, to discover the potential for change in an alternative view of Nature


This project explains more about what Thirdroom is and how it came to be, if your are interest in the development and its history!


A portrait of Jacob, a climate activist, father and veteran.

Den symbolske handling & bæredygtighed

We examined the reflections behind Thoreau and Andrea Hejlskov’s retreat from the unsustainable structures of society, and the potential of these acts, and accompanying novel, to inspire change as a symbolic act of civil disobedience.

Kunstens fremstilling af klimakrisen

We found that people, through an ontological division of culture and nature, are hindered in approaching climate change. So we examined art’s potential to change such understandings through efficient representation in “climate fiction”.


A young man, in a bleak place, is being robbed by something strange.