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A collection of wireframes on the new internship module for the new Thirdroom.org platform that launches in August 2022.

Et design af Thirdroom som app

This project has been completed in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Thirdroom. The overall focus of the project is to find an IT solution for the problems that Thirdroom is experiencing, by the users of their current platform. In this context, we will work out a feasibility study, by using the MUST method as an analytic structure for the project and results from the collected empirical data. We will be focusing on the phases and principles of the MUST method.


This project takes its starting point in finding a technology, which solves the discharge of
chemicals from agriculture, that damages the environment. The group narrowed the
agriculture subject down to pig manure and its capabilities in Denmark, which is used as a
fertilizer for crops. Furthermore, the assignment revolved around analyzing a technology that
contributed to an environmentally friendly future. This project delves deeper into the
technology, referred to as ‘Next Generation Manure Reduction Technology’ which is
developed by researchers from Syddansk University and Aarhus Unive

Teknologisk markeringspind

For the past one hundred years, the white cane has not been developed in its function or
design. This project examines the
function of the traditional white cane and how it could possibly be optimized for its tasks. A
prototype was created of the traditional white cane with sensors and haptic feedback. The
prototype was manufactured to determine if there was a possibility to invent a smarter white cane.

Madspild og system optimering

This paper reveals a clearer picture of food circulation as a larger system and how small incremental changes to said system are likely to not have any significant positive effect on the problem, and how households have a huge role in the amount of total food waste in Denmark. Furthermore, the sociotechnical analysis highlights barriers to improvement within the system. The thesis concludes that these emerging technologies are more of a gimmick than a solution – an attempt to insert a middleman between the consumer and their food consumption with no apparent advantage.

En bæredygtig RUC-bar

This project examines the possibilities of reducing the use of single-use plastic cups in RUC-bar. With grounding in the Design Science Research realm, the project aims at creating a design solution, working within the premises of abductive logic. The exposition and analysis are structured within the design process model “The Double Diamond”, allowing for a flexible and iterative approach to problem-solving. Conclusively, the paper will present a recommendation for the chairperson of RUC-bar, encompassing the design solution and guidance thereof.

Reduktion engangs plastikkrus RUC-bar

Gennem dette projekt, “Reduktion af plastik-kopper på RUCbar”, sætter gruppen sig for at designe et løsningsforslag der på bedst mulig måde opnår de opstillet krav for produktet, skabt under projektet. Kriterierne for produktets endelige design vil blive defineret igennem forskellige faser for at optimere resultatet. Gruppen vil arbejde med for eksempel segmenteringsanalyse, den tekniske viden og arbejdsmetoder som er relevante for processen og fremstillingen af prototypen. Dette er for at vise den opnåede viden gennem projektet.

Sociale medier og mental sundhed

Instagram og mental sundhed
– Hvordan relateres det
– Skader de sociale medier (Instagram) ens mentale sundhed

Instagrams effekt på unges selvbillede

Projektet søger at belyse de utilsigtede effekter, særligt de negative, ved brug af det sociale medie, Instagram. Især hvordan retoucherede billeder, som kan tilgås på platformen, kan skabe et forvrænget virkelighedsbillede. Her er der særligt fokus på unge pigers (13-23 år) selvbillede og i hvilket omfang, dette bliver påvirket.

Facebook-algoritmens indflydelse på sa

This project examines how the social media, Facebook, affects the behavioral traits of an individual Facebook-user through the use of the technological tool; algorithms. The background for the project stems from the documentaries, The Cambridge Analytica Scandal and The Social Dilemma. Based on the theory involved, we have managed to investigate how Facebook’s relevance algorithms affect and sometimes change the behavior of individuals………


This report seeks to evaluate on lessons learned so far running the digital platform Thirdroom since 2017, with its prime starting point in the Humtek house under RUC, IMT. The information gathered is used to generate an implementation strategy for Thirdroom to be executed on IKH in the nearby future. Through the use of ‘Semi constructed Interview Method’ data has been gathered from different individuals belonging to different interest groups, connected to the usages of Thirdroom.

De indre mekanismer af onboarding

This project revolves around the onboarding-process on the website Thirdroom. Thirdroom is facing a problem due to its lack of resources, to maintain sufficient amounts of mentors for mentor driven onboarding. In the future Thirdroom is meant to be a collaborative tool, for the entirety of Roskilde University. To solve this problem, this project seeks to establish an IT-facilitated solution. In solving this problem, we applied theory about gamification, first impressions, nudging and more. The end result is an onboarding-process which we hope inspires the future of Thirdroom.

Showtime på Thirdroom

En opsamling/evaluering af Workshop Showtime F2021, som viser graden af aktiv deltagelse og interaktion på Thirdroom.

Læse i udlandet

Bare en lille guide

Den (Lyse)Grønne Sti

Vi ønsker at gøre Den Grønne Sti mere sammenhængende, da vi på baggrund af egne observationer har oplevet indgangene til stien som nemme at overse i de mørke timer. Helt specifikt vil vi designe og opsætte lysinstallationer ved stiens indgange. Vi har en teori om, at lysinstallationerne ved indgangene kan medføre, at vi, og ønskeligt flere, benytter sig af stien. Målet med vores projekt er at optimere Den Grønne Stis affordance, sådan, at der ikke er en tvivl om stiens formål.

Genbrug af plastikemballage (Kampagne)

This project examines how a creative teaching approach affects children’s learning and understanding of plastic, primarily soft plastic, within the subject “Science and technology” (Danish: natur/teknologi).
We have designed and compiled a course, which meets the curriculum requirements for the 5th and 6th grade (age 11 to 13). The course consists of two exercises, a teacher guide, a student guide, a poster for the classroom as well as an explanatory YouTube video attached to exercise two.

pant på telefoner

This paper focuses on the recycling of mobile phones and the lack of efficacy of already existing systems. It also proposes an idea for a new, more innovative kind of design for a recycling system, which combines elements of leasing and depositing. Furthermore, the contents of this paper uses methods such as Soft Design Science Methodology and interviews to examine how such a system can be as consumer-friendly and sustainable as possible without sacrificing its effectiveness. Using methods such as these also create a link to the various subjects that students of the HumTek Bachelor education.

Genbrug af polystyren

This report is about EPS waste management in Denmark. EPS also known as Styrofoam is a styrene plastic material, which is widely used as packaging. The following report includes analytical research about the problematics regarding collection and transport of EPS, in regards to recycling of the material. The aim of the report is to provide a design as a solution to collecting EPS in the danish society – better than the one currently in place. In order to achieve this, the design of the new solution is based on affordances familiar to the danish public, interviews and a questionnaire.

Ydre Og Øget Tryghed

Some people feel uncomfortable and insecure walking in the public space after dark – including to and from train stations. With Taastrup Station, a train station in Denmark, as a basis of this project, this project investigates what causes insecurity and how different theorists define insecurity, including Rune Holst Schergs distinction between objective and subjective security and Jane Jacobs theory on natural surveillance. The significance light can have in the urban space is also described in this project, mainly using theory by Mikkel Bille.

Online Undervisning

BP1 projekt om online undervisning.

Optimering af skraldespand

Optimering af RUC’s udendørs skraldespande, med fokus på visuel design og tekniske komponenter.

Utryghed i Ørstedsparken

Her er vores endelig resultat af vores arbejde om at skabe mere tryghed i Ørstedsparken, efter mørkets frembrud. Vi har arbejdet med en designløsning af et lysdesign, som ligner et træ. Dette design mener vi er det bedste og mest realistiske bud på et artefakt til at oplyse mørke steder i Ørstedsparken.

Besøgsordninger på plejehjem

Denne rapport omhandler vores besøgsordning, som skal være med til at formindske ensomheden hos ældre på plejehjem i form af vores besøgsordning, som suppleres med vores hjemmeside. Vores hjemmeside er vores produkt som skal administrere besøgende og behandler informationer imellem vores målgrupper.

Forbedret udførelse af SSF 2020

Emnerne køn, krop og seksualitet samt sundhed og trivsel er tæt tilknyttet til vores identitet som menneske. Vi kan ikke separere os fra disse emner, da de på et eller andet tidspunkt i vores liv kommer til at berøre os. Derudover forventer samfundet en vis grad af kompetence fra det enkelte individ vedrørende disse områder, og på samme måde har de fleste oplevet en form for pres angående uvidenhed indenfor mindst et af disse emner.

Social ulighed i sundhed

This study investigates the social inequality in mens healthcare. The baseline of this project is based on the report; ​Social ulighed i mænds sundhed og sygdom​, published by the Danish Health Authority. This report analyses whether or not men’s self diagnosis of health does have an effect on their relationship with the general practitioner. It seems that men have a tendency to not go to the doctor before their health takes a turn for the worse. Although study shows that many men do want to visit the doctor, sometimes they cannot find the time……..

Augmented Reality via skolen og museer

In this paper, we want to investigate the use of Augmented Reality in educational settings. We hypothesize that schools in Denmark do not have the same opportunities to visit and explore museums due to the great distance. Therefore, we want to explore the possibilities in designing a program that can solve this issue. To make a useful program for schools that displays culture and art, we have analyzed and examined the studies regarding the use of Augmented Reality in educational settings and explored learning theories.

Optimering af How To RUC

The focus of this report concerns the new Moodle course called How to RUC, which was devel-oped under the restrictions of COVID-19. The course was made as an alternative for new students, to receive the necessary information before starting at Roskilde University. We used methods like workshops, and an analysis of the current How to RUC design, to get an understanding of our problem. After multiple design iterations and tests, built using web design, general user experience and cognitive psychology theory, we have come up with a design with both similarities and contrast to the original design

Make Moodle Great

A paper examining the possible redesign of Moodle.

Guide: Den gode mundtlige præsentation

Den gode mundtlige præsentation

How-to Thirdroom

You can find help videos and an on boarding flow for Thirdroom here. Please dont hesitate to contact us at thirdroom@ruc.dk if you have any questions!

health tracking

This report examines associations between physical movement and tracking technology to describe how habit-forming technology can impact Danes age 16-64 towards increased health habits.


In the following report we will describe the technological and ethical aspects of the genetic engineering tool known as the CRISPR/Cas9 technology. This new and groundbreaking method comes with a lot of concerns which we will address and discuss. We will also be looking at the current EU legislation and discuss whether they are properly justified. We then finally wish to clarify the ethical questions surrounding the technology and wish to answer the question: “Is the use of the CRISPR/Cas9 technology in embryo be ethical?”.

SDG Challenge board

This paper seeks to explore the possibility of collaborative learning. Based on a collaborative
knowledge-sharing platform inspired and supported by Thirdroom, the purpose is
to facilitate student-company relationships. As well as, through ANT analysis, investigate
innovative network connections between its primary actors and its network. As this platform has
the UN’s Sustainable development goals in mind, it seeks to understand why innovation
technologies and problem-solving strategies involve such a high level of complexity and such necessary methods to solve issues heterogeneously

CRISPR – Risikabelt eller acceptabelt?

The purpose of this study is to examine how the gene technology CRISPR-Cas9 can be useful in cancer treatment while looking into the ethical arguments surrounding the implementation this type of technology. Applying an argumentation analysis method, this study used ethical theory as a foundation to investigate various researchers’ viewpoint towards gene manipulation and transhumanism…..

Brugerdrevet analyse af Thirdroom

This paper is developed in collaboration with the non-profit organization Thirdroom.
Their collaborative platform, and use cases associated with it, will be the context of this
project. This project focuses on the process of cultivating Thirdroom in project work, and
how to get the platform to make sense for the users. We wish to investigate the cultivation
problem Thirdroom faces, by focusing on a specific workflow performed by students when

working on their project while searching for inspiration. Furthermore, the project is struc-
tured on the basis of the MUST-method, with its associated

NemID Hacking

phishing på højt plan

Thirdroom – Arbejdspraksisser

This project investigates the students work practices regarding the platform Thirdroom at Roskilde University. In a study, developed by the group of this project, it is clear that the vast majority of the students are using other platforms than Thirdroom, although Thirdroom is mandatory for a specific segment of the students at “Den Humanistisk-Teknologiske Bacheloruddannelse”. The research question answered in this project is: how can the students work practices connected to Thirdroom be improved?

CSCW i Thirdroom

In this paper, we will answer the following question: How is CSCW utilized in Thirdroom and how can it be improved based on theoretical analysis? To answer this
question, we researched what Thirdroom is and what it is used for. We looked at
theory regarding classifications of CSCW-systems and collaborations, and used the
empirical data from these to analyse Thirdroom based on our case groups. We found
that Thirdroom lacked characteristics of coordination and synchronicity. To mitigate
this, a set of new features were proposed.

Nyheds- og Informationsplatform

This paper examines news and social media habits of Danish people, ages sixteen to twentyeight. Furthermore, how they interact with their chosen news platform(s), such as social
media or official news sites. Exploiting both qualitative & quantitative research methods, the
project has collected data which is applied throughout the project. The project have analysed,
using these methods, the behavior and patterns of the tested respondents. The paper also
describes a practical solution in the form of a mobile application and how to make it appealing.


In this student project, we will research the possibility to change the current ordering system in the Danish nightclubs. To enlighten the subject, we will use different theories and methods from the courses Design and Construction, and Subjectivity, Technology and Society. These will be used to compile relevant data and build a prototype. We will analyze the findings within the theories and methods that we use. From that, we will use the Design-model to evaluate the feedback from our respondents, in order to make the best possible solution for our users. In the end, we will discuss the result

Tools for Visual Presentations

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Collaborative Advantage I

lorem ipsum- jeres Abstrack

Collaborative Advantages II


Nye digitale Biblioteker

Hanne Leth Andersen, Katja Gry Carlsen og Bent Meier Sørensen tager pulsen på forskningsfriheden i den digitale tid, en podcast med Knus Romer

Redesign af HumTeks forhal

Kan man skabe et inspirende rum der kan bringe de studerendes viden i spil, samt være et rum for projekt arbejde og hygge?

SDG Challenge Board

comming soon


This essay is set to investigate the possibility of how technological solutions, such as a mobile application can influence it’s users to act in a more sustainable matter, in the scope of food making. This essay will focus on a specific application, called Plant Jammer. This is an application which focus’ on sustainable food habits, more specifically eating plant-based and on reducing food waste. Throughout this essay there will be discussed and analysed foundations of behavioral theories based on the premises of adjusting an individual person’s behavior. The essay will do this through paramet


This paper examines the difficulties that can occur when translating a dissemination platform from one medium to another. During the course of this project, we have conducted a case study of the website Thirdroom as shown through the medium of a ProWise Touchscreen, to examine the potential of dissemination through this method. Furthermore, this paper analyses some of the social barriers that occur when adopting an alternative method to impart a message of the academic variant, as a supplement to the usual paper. It is discussed whether a mainstream application of Thirdroom in project work is

Anbefalelsværdige Artikler

Artikler til inspiration

Digital Ledelse

Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes
If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants
–Isaac Newton

Labs og studios på RUC

Dette projekt prøver at samle og give et overblik over diverse labs og studios der findes på RUC. Kender du til et der ikke er her, så adder det gerne i “Comments”.
Dette værk er licenseret under en Creative Commons Kreditering 4.0 International-licens.

STS II – Internettet & Kollaboration

Vi bruger nettet hver dag, størstedelen af dagen, men tænker vi over hvor nettet stammer fra? Hvilken kultur den var skabt udfra og hvad der idag gør det muligt for benytte det?

En STSII Forelæsning på HumTek

The Open Window

A documentary film and research project exploring the growth of the internet in India and the way in which it is affecting education, learning and culture.

De nye 1+ 2. semester vejledninger

Denne tidslinje viser de foremlle guides til 2 semesters afleveringer på Thirdroom

Videoproduktion for MSE

To cover a graduation-event and brand the MSE-education at RUC, we produced three videos in various formats, highlighting the value of the education through different alumnae.

TR som CSCW-system på RUC



This project explains more about what Thirdroom is and how it came to be, if your are interest in the development and its history!

Thirdroom & kollaboration

The purpose of this paper is to examine how Thirdroom, as an ICT, enhances knowledge sharing and inter- and transdisciplinary work in Problem-oriented project work at Roskilde University.

Elsass Årsskrift 2017

A new visual identity and look, to express Elsass Fondens values in their yearly report 2017.

Collaboration On the Edge?

This is a Documentary by Alfred Birkegaard and his wife Katja Birkegaard Carlsen. The documentary
was a part of Alfred´s Ph.d. study in Philosophy at Roskilde University on the subject of Collaboration.

Empowering vital ideas

Afhandlingen i Visuel Kultur på Københavns Universitet undersøger hvordan vitale ideer bliver skabt. Samt hvordan dette kan understøttes på websitet WeCollaborate.org.

Muhammad Yunus på Roskilde Festival

WeCo had Yunus at Roskilde Festivals talking to over 80.000 people. While creating a “Fight for Future” stage at the camp area, and a VIP dinner for COWI, launching the message to over 92 medias and opening Dk´s first MIKROFOND.

En dunkel indsigt

This is an analysis of the Choros works created by the danish painter Michael Kvium. The report is in danish, and part of my Art history study. It is an assignment that draws much on the existential philosophy of Satre and Nietzsche.