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Biosten som kystsikring

This report examines the possibilities of using biocementation as an alternative method for coastal
protection. Biocementation is a sustainable solution for binding loose aggregate without the use of
cement. The use of biocementation in sand results in a product which we refer to as “biostone”.
This process uses the enzyme-producing bacteria Sporosarcina pasteurii with a urea-modified
nutrition broth and calcium, which combined creates a natural looking stone similar to naturally
produced sandstone.

Ældreteknologi og VR

Hvad sker der når man sætter en ældre ud i rummet med Apollo-11 i VR? Følg med her 😉

Antibænken – Hostile Architecture

This paper examines the role of Hostile Architecture in the public spaces of Copenhagen. Hostile Architecture is a form of architecture, which aims to exclude certain behavior from public spaces, while regulating the behavior taking place.