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Guide: Den gode mundtlige præsentation

Den gode mundtlige præsentation

SDG Challenge board

This paper seeks to explore the possibility of collaborative learning. Based on a collaborative
knowledge-sharing platform inspired and supported by Thirdroom, the purpose is
to facilitate student-company relationships. As well as, through ANT analysis, investigate
innovative network connections between its primary actors and its network. As this platform has
the UN’s Sustainable development goals in mind, it seeks to understand why innovation
technologies and problem-solving strategies involve such a high level of complexity and such necessary methods to solve issues heterogeneously

CSCW i Thirdroom

In this paper, we will answer the following question: How is CSCW utilized in Thirdroom and how can it be improved based on theoretical analysis? To answer this
question, we researched what Thirdroom is and what it is used for. We looked at
theory regarding classifications of CSCW-systems and collaborations, and used the
empirical data from these to analyse Thirdroom based on our case groups. We found
that Thirdroom lacked characteristics of coordination and synchronicity. To mitigate
this, a set of new features were proposed.


The result of a growing society of consumers is a growing amount of waste. Recent years an
increase of awareness of the condition of the climate and environment and where this is
heading, has caused more countries to reflect upon their own sustainability. An important
factor in the strategy to reform the current pattern of linear resource use, is to increase
reusage and recycling of waste. This paper focus is on the division of biowaste. While the
municipality of Copenhagen has rolled out a biowaste gathering and reusage plan. This paper
researches the role of the citizen and the bio-bin that


Stress has throughout history helped us survive l by triggering our fight or flight response, during situations we deem threatening, as we evolved overtime so has perception of threats, our fight or flight no longer triggers exclusively, when we are in a life or death situation. It triggers when we feel pressured, be it by society or academics. The purpose of this study is to inquire more knowledge about the effects and causes of stress on the body and mind and how a design could be developed to relieve some of the symptoms stressed out students’ experiences. The study utilizes the core belief

Netflix’ CO2-udledning

This paper examines the streaming service Netflix and its emission of carbon dioxide. It examines the causes behind Netflix’ emission of carbon dioxide, and to what extent it happens, by looking at the inner workings of how data is transmitted from a data center to a personal device. The purpose of this project is to design a campaign, which can inform young people of the negative effects of streaming on Netflix in the hope that the knowledge will make them change their streaming habits. The iterative design process is used as well as different kinds of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Tools for Visual Presentations

lorem ipsum – et godt abstact som intro til jeres projekt!

Redesign af HumTeks forhal

Kan man skabe et inspirende rum der kan bringe de studerendes viden i spil, samt være et rum for projekt arbejde og hygge?

SDG Challenge Board

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elbilers begrænsninger og muligheder

As the world is becoming more and more aware of the environmental problems we are causing to the climate. Electric vehicles are a widely accepted potential solution or at least a big contributor to a less environmentally damaging society. We want to find out why the electric vehicle isn’t more widespread in danish society. This paper examines the difficulties in diffusing this solution to the general public both from a technical point of view and form a social science perspective and it tries to bring a solution to the table that employs every part of society, from the individual to corporatio

Virtual Reality som supplerende læring

This paper focuses on Virtual Reality, and the technology’s functionality as a tool that would be used to aid education in specifically the scientific subjects at Roskilde Universitet.

Labs og studios på RUC

Dette projekt prøver at samle og give et overblik over diverse labs og studios der findes på RUC. Kender du til et der ikke er her, så adder det gerne i “Comments”.
Dette værk er licenseret under en Creative Commons Kreditering 4.0 International-licens.

Kollaborations bogen

Bogen giver for første gang en samlet fremstilling over redskaber, praksisser og eksempler på kollaborativ problemløsning, ideudvikling og læring.

Bogen kan forudstilles nu og udkommer den 24 maj 2019:

BIBA course synopsis (AirBNB case)

This is a synopsis for the BIBA couse, the summarize by practical assignments and the use of theory the content of the course.


This project explains more about what Thirdroom is and how it came to be, if your are interest in the development and its history!

Programmerings- interesseskabende spil

In this paper, we will try to answer the question: How can you, by using a videogame, increase the interest in programming amongst students at Roskilde University with no prior experience?


This paper aims to answer the question: How do you design and develop a safe point of sale system with a containing database, API and client?


This paper aims to specify what puts a Virtual Reality (VR)-user in the psychological state of “Presence”.

Visualisering af det uhåndgribelige

This report aims to present a solution-oriented design proposal, in the shape of a device that is aimed to make the single electricity consumer more aware of their power usage, and the system behind.

Replayability i computerspil

This paper aims to specify what makes a videogame replayable. Using theory of flow, supported by Nick Yee’s Motivations of online Gaming and the theory of immersion, we have assessed the elements that contribute to a game’s replay value.

Gammel Køge Landevej Kollegiet

Our fieldwork has been made at Sundholm, Mændenes Hjem and GKLK with our main focus being on GKLK. We have chosen to focus on the residents at GKLK due to the fact that they are highly stable compared to our target group.