CSCW i Thirdroom

In this paper, we will answer the following question: How is CSCW utilized in Thirdroom and how can it be improved based on theoretical analysis? To answer this
question, we researched what Thirdroom is and what it is used for. We looked at
theory regarding classifications of CSCW-systems and collaborations, and used the
empirical data from these to analyse Thirdroom based on our case groups. We found
that Thirdroom lacked characteristics of coordination and synchronicity. To mitigate
this, a set of new features were proposed.

BIBA course synopsis (AirBNB case)

This is a synopsis for the BIBA couse, the summarize by practical assignments and the use of theory the content of the course.

Programmerings- interesseskabende spil

In this paper, we will try to answer the question: How can you, by using a videogame, increase the interest in programming amongst students at Roskilde University with no prior experience?


This paper aims to answer the question: How do you design and develop a safe point of sale system with a containing database, API and client?


This paper aims to specify what puts a Virtual Reality (VR)-user in the psychological state of “Presence”.

Replayability i computerspil

This paper aims to specify what makes a videogame replayable. Using theory of flow, supported by Nick Yee’s Motivations of online Gaming and the theory of immersion, we have assessed the elements that contribute to a game’s replay value.

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