Fremtidens Landmænd

As a reaction to current agriculture’s impact on the climate crisis, we examined future farmers through fieldwork and cultural analysis of Kalø Økologiske Landbrugsskole, to discover the potential for change in an alternative view of Nature


This project explains more about what Thirdroom is and how it came to be, if your are interest in the development and its history!

Thirdroom & kollaboration

The purpose of this paper is to examine how Thirdroom, as an ICT, enhances knowledge sharing and inter- and transdisciplinary work in Problem-oriented project work at Roskilde University.

Graffiti & Retten Til Byen

The streets is a public space where graffiti writers struggle against the law to make a statement or be engaged in street (art) activity. But a new phenomenon is on the rise in the city that might tame the creativity and free expression


The project is trying to expand beyond the use of a postphenomenological approach and implicit theories such as immersion and black box theories, by applying knowledge of the technological aspects of the “Experience Cylinder”

Heart rate (workshop)

Projektet havde til formål at bryde barrier, i menneske-teknologi relationen ved, at der i selve relationen skabes kreation (hjerterytme – lys). Selvgenerende reaktioner, i et feedback loop mellem menneske og maskine, der sanser hinanden.