Energiøen i Nordsøen

Our results indicate that the implementation of the Energy Island might have some consequences for the climate and local environment, due to local disturbances and greenhouse gas emissions from construction. However, these consequences seem inconsequentially small compared to the great
potential for climate and the environment in a larger timescale.

Bæredygtig udvikling for alle – IMT

Præsentations- og reklamemateriale samt medfacilitering og planlægning af Temadag i bæredygtig udvikling på IMT 2022

Naturen i nationalparkerne

In this paper, the circumstances of nature in the Danish national park “Skjoldungernes Land” are
explored. This is primarily done through qualitative interviews, with actors deemed relevant for the case
by their association to the parks board and council. This is done through an analysis in three parts, which
explores respectively: The framework constituting Skjoldungernes Land, the composition of
stakeholders in Skjoldungernes Land and the impact of volunteerism in nature development.

Ekkodalens moser, Bornholm

Overordnet set har naturgenopretningsprojektet Ekkodalens Moser nydt bred opbakning, og det
vurderes fra de fleste adspurgte parter som et godt projekt. Dette kan dels tilskrives et grundigt
forarbejde af den lokale myndighed på naturplanlægningsområdet, og den høje grad af samarbejde
mellem de involverede lokale aktører, hvis antal også har været begrænset for det berørte projekt.
Slutteligt har den høje grad af politisk opbakning til projektet, ført til et finansielt grundlag, der sikrede
udførelsen af projektet. Omvendt har dette også sat nogle ufleksible, ovenfra fastsatte rammer.

Naturgenoprettelse i Danmark

This project is a bachelor project at the Bachelor of Humanities and Technology at Roskilde
University. The project deals with the topic of using restoration of nature as a technology in
response to the issues regarding climate, environment, and biodiversity.

The analysis culminates in a design
proposal, which describes how we would make a nature restoration project.

Forandringsledelse og -koncepter

Denne opgave vil omhandle værdien af nye forandringskoncepter og hvordan adaption af
visse koncepter som f.eks. CSR-strategi, kan stor have betydning for, om en virksomhed
overlever emergente forandringer – eller om planlagte forandringer implementeres
retmæssigt på alle niveauer af den pågældende virksomhed, således forandringskonceptet
leder til en succesfuld forandringsproces.

Opgaven tager udgangspunkt i cases præsenteret i undervisningen, som gennemgås på tidslinjen.

Recirkulering af bleer med ABENA

In this report, we study the possibilities for implementing a socio-technical system for
recycling nutrients in used baby and toddler diapers from nurseries in Roskilde
Municipality. To investigate the issue, we apply the ABCD-methodology presented in a
Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD). The methodology allows us to
create a vision for Roskilde Municipality that has come to serve as a central actor in our

In-Situ Habitat Design on Mars

In this report we study the isolation in habitats on Mars from society on Earth. We try to
understand the construct of micro-societ and identify physical and
psychological implications for astronauts. Through this knowledge, previous simulation and
analogue research, empirical research, and analysis we try to learn how these habitats
must be designed in order to facilitate the crew’s work and well-being in the Martian
environment. Simultaneously we try to understand how in-situ construction with
MICP can create interesting alternatives to designing Mars habitats.

Biosten som kystsikring

This report examines the possibilities of using biocementation as an alternative method for coastal
protection. Biocementation is a sustainable solution for binding loose aggregate without the use of
cement. The use of biocementation in sand results in a product which we refer to as “biostone”.
This process uses the enzyme-producing bacteria Sporosarcina pasteurii with a urea-modified
nutrition broth and calcium, which combined creates a natural looking stone similar to naturally
produced sandstone.

Biodiverse Highways in Copenhagen

Example showing how ‘Green highways’ og ‘Eco Paths’ could be constructed in the near future with present day technology

En klimavenlig måltidskasse (…)

Based on Ulrich Becks theories, ‘Risk society’ and ‘The other modernization’ we address what
society we are living in today. We also explain the necessity to reduce GHG emissions significantly
within the next few centuries and reach a Net zero emission before 2050 for the sake of our
biodiversity but not the least for humankind. We highlight the massive GHG emission which
agriculture is responsible for and especially the production of meat. All together the Danish
agriculture makes up for 21% of the Danish total GHG emissions which can be lowered with a change of eating habits.


Mars Expedition Initiative, we bring Earth to Mars.

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