Smart Cities

This paper seeks to examine, how the Copenhagen electric scooter can be used to reveal commercialized data collection and how this data affects the city. The field of the electric scooters in Copenhagen will be examined, using methods as participation analysis and document analysis. The Municipality of the city of Copenhagen has been interviewed with the purpose of exploring, how commercialized data is accessed by this stakeholder. The theories of subversive rationalization by Andrew Feenberg and surveillance capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff, will be defined and used as context for this papers…


This essay is set to investigate the possibility of how technological solutions, such as a mobile application can influence it’s users to act in a more sustainable matter, in the scope of food making. This essay will focus on a specific application, called Plant Jammer. This is an application which focus’ on sustainable food habits, more specifically eating plant-based and on reducing food waste. Throughout this essay there will be discussed and analysed foundations of behavioral theories based on the premises of adjusting an individual person’s behavior. The essay will do this through paramet

Biodiverse Highways in Copenhagen

Example showing how ‘Green highways’ og ‘Eco Paths’ could be constructed in the near future with present day technology

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