belysning på isolerede stisystemer

This project focus on the term ‘utryghed’ and will investigate whether the urban space design has an effect on ‘utryghed’. This investigation will take place in Albertslund, which is a suburb to Copenhagen, and will be doing all of research on a bike path near the city’s station.
The paper will present a theory based on criteria for the urban space design by Jan Gehl and consider whether our chosen trail meets the criteria. Furthermore, we will present a theory based on social constructivism and discourse and afterwards investigate whether discourse has an effect on ‘utryghed’. To h

Ældreteknologi og VR

Hvad sker der når man sætter en ældre ud i rummet med Apollo-11 i VR? Følg med her 😉

Biodiverse Highways in Copenhagen

Example showing how ‘Green highways’ og ‘Eco Paths’ could be constructed in the near future with present day technology

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