SDG-accelerator program – HelloScience

This bachelor thesis is a preliminary study on a potential pilot project between UNDP and HelloScience.
The thesis presents a vision of change based on the results. The vision includes thoughts on how a preliminary study could move forward and what further steps need to be taken before launching a pilot project. Specifically this means developing prototypes for the incorporation of the various tools available to be tested in an onboarding of a few SME’s on the HelloScience platform. Especially to make sure the SME’s can take full potential of the storytelling element on the platform.

Virksomhedsopstart for studerende

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Implementeringen af CBS Canvas

The finished project

Indoor climate quality-large audi RUC

This is the finale product and visualization of the arduino sensor and the visualization of the indoor climate at large auditorium.

– the actual coding shows how smoke spreads throughout the large auditorium at RUC.

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