Digitalize Boardgame

This report seeks to discover what it means to incorporate Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Inheritance and data structures, such as Model View Controller (MVC), into a coding project. The project will describe the process of creating a digital version of the Danish board game Matador, with the above mentioned methods used. The programming language used is Java and JavaFX for creating the Graphical User Interface. To showcase our developed system the rapport will contain different diagrams to visualize our game systems behavior and structure by using Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Virksomhedsopstart for studerende

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We seek to examine what autonomy is and which criterias must be met, in order to truly denote a system of being autonomous. The military drone-model MQ-9 Reaper, will be the focal point of this examination. By distinguishing between automatic, behaviour-based robotics and autonomous systems we seek to clarify the boundaries between the concepts in order to classify MQ-9 Reaper. Lastly the paper seeks to shed light on the possibility of autonomy in future aerial vehicles.


This project is based on the investigation of the technology Young Blood.

Støj i rummet, ISS

In this project we investigate the making of a product, which can make life easier and more productive, specifically but not exclusively, for astronauts onboard the International Space Station ISS. A major hassles on the ISS is the high noise levels, that the astronauts face on a daily basis. This leads to a stressful work environment for the astronauts, and with this can many complications follow.

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