This report seeks to evaluate on lessons learned so far running the digital platform Thirdroom since 2017, with its prime starting point in the Humtek house under RUC, IMT. The information gathered is used to generate an implementation strategy for Thirdroom to be executed on IKH in the nearby future. Through the use of ‘Semi constructed Interview Method’ data has been gathered from different individuals belonging to different interest groups, connected to the usages of Thirdroom.

“Modellering af Hotel Alexandras…

This paper examines how specific modelling techniques can help optimizing an internal information system, and what specific design improvements can be incorporated into Hotel Alexandra’s future system development.

Digitalize Boardgame

This report seeks to discover what it means to incorporate Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Inheritance and data structures, such as Model View Controller (MVC), into a coding project. The project will describe the process of creating a digital version of the Danish board game Matador, with the above mentioned methods used. The programming language used is Java and JavaFX for creating the Graphical User Interface. To showcase our developed system the rapport will contain different diagrams to visualize our game systems behavior and structure by using Unified Modeling Language (UML).

YouTube and addiction

This paper examines how YouTube affects the sleeping patterns of young people. More specifically young people in Brønshøj, Copenhagen. The results show that there is a high correlation between YouTube consumption, and sleep deprivation, among the youth participating in this paper.
To examines this problem, the project group investigated theories of sleep and addiction.
Interviews have been conducted in a youth club in Brønshøj, Copenhagen, to collect information on usage patterns and frequency.

Agil Udvikling

Agil er et moderne svar på, hvordan man udvikler komplekse løsninger. Denne opgave tager udgangspunkt i det mest udbredte agile Framework, Scrum, inden for IT-branchen. Der vil igennem Logical Framework Approach, TRIN-modellen og interviews forsøges at identificere de mest væsentlige problemer i det selvorganiserende team. Logical Framework Approach benyttes til at udarbejde løsninger, inden for Scrum som teknologisk system, på baggrund af TRIN-modellen.

Spacial awarenes

It was good to play around with Processing and learning the first basics of programming

Støj i rummet, ISS

In this project we investigate the making of a product, which can make life easier and more productive, specifically but not exclusively, for astronauts onboard the International Space Station ISS. A major hassles on the ISS is the high noise levels, that the astronauts face on a daily basis. This leads to a stressful work environment for the astronauts, and with this can many complications follow.