Predictive Policing with PredPol

The following paper examines which challenges Denmark should be concerned about, following the potential integration of the predictive policing system PredPol, based on experiences from England and the United States.


The following paper will discuss the use of a Relational Database Management System and how it can help the process of finding a compatible roommate become more lean and easier based on equal interests, criteria and background information. Based off of existing research regarding the various difficulties that young people experience when trying to find a place to move in, and in addition to qualitative interviews made with two Danish house-hunting college students, a consensus that the existing digital platforms for house-hunting are not completely satisfactory, and that there is a potential i

Indoor climate quality-large audi RUC

This is the finale product and visualization of the arduino sensor and the visualization of the indoor climate at large auditorium.

– the actual coding shows how smoke spreads throughout the large auditorium at RUC.

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