Deepfake detection

The following paper examines the new technology that is deepfakes. It is an examination of how it relies on other technologies such as deep learning and neural networks, and how this technology can be used in a harmful manner as a threat to our society. This will be based on real examples of how this technology has already been implemented and used in the past. An understanding of human intelligence and the differences between this and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, this report will examine if humans are required to assist in detecting deepfakes.

Præhospitalets sygetransport

This project examines how the communication concerning the patient transportation can be improved, by designing an IT-system that accommodates the existing infrastructure of processes. This is due to give the user more insight and information about their upcoming trip, with the patient transport. The examination of the patient transportation and potential improvement with a common IT-system is done by conducting an IT-feasibility study and using the MUST-method. Finally, the project addresses the plans for the second version of the prototype.

Predictive Policing with PredPol

The following paper examines which challenges Denmark should be concerned about, following the potential integration of the predictive policing system PredPol, based on experiences from England and the United States.

Roommate matchmaking

I dette projekt bliver en hjemmeside designet, der skal hjælpe SU-modtagende studerende til at finde en optimal roommate.

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