Aktiv Nudging i Byrummet

In this paper we seek to nudge the users of Folkeparkens public restrooms to reflect on their own engagement and responsibility towards the maintenance of the restrooms. This also applies to the Municipality of Roskilde and their role in the matter. This will be done by identifying the causes behind continuous unhygienic public restrooms and investigations into how critical design and nudging can be used to get people to realize the issue and their own role in this.

Kryptovaluta: En komparativ analyse af

Bitcoin has lately gained massive attention in the media due to huge price fluctuations. However, most people don’t actually know how the inner technological systems of Bitcoin work. This paper seeks to understand the inner workings of the technology and how it might be implemented as a currency in Denmark.

Lydportræt af Skriget

Lydportræt af Skriget.

Videopræsentation: https://youtu.be/fGfjQ3AzPuw

Hjælpemiddel til lydsensitivitet

Some individuals with underlying conditions such as autism tend to have issues with overstimulation in noisy environments and/or hypersensitivity towards specific or loud sounds – also called hyperacusis. In this paper we will investigate the possibilities and difficulties of alleviating issues with hyperacusis, while focusing on designing a discreet wearable device that can aid people in this target group.

Podcast: Saras Lockdown

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