A collection of wireframes on the new internship module for the new Thirdroom.org platform that launches in August 2022.

Coops bæredygtige tiltag

This project first examines Coop Denmark’s app function Dit klimaaftryk (Your climate foot-print) and Coop Sweden’s app function Hålbarhetsdeklaration (Sustainability declaration) and their commitment towards climate change. Furthermore, the project focuses on consumer be-havior throughout a shopping situation. The project then examines the in-app functions with a technical approach using the TRIN-analysis.

Kryptovaluta: En komparativ analyse af

Bitcoin has lately gained massive attention in the media due to huge price fluctuations. However, most people don’t actually know how the inner technological systems of Bitcoin work. This paper seeks to understand the inner workings of the technology and how it might be implemented as a currency in Denmark.

Kønsroller i barndomshjem – Podcast

En podcast hvor vi diskuterer kønsroller.

Transparency in game accessibilty

Det handler om tilgængelighed og mennesker med handicap.