Design af en scan-og-betal app

This paper examines existing scan and go applications for supermarkets in Denmark and identifies the design issues to develop a design solution which will meet users’ needs and contribute to a better user experience.

Optimering af arbejdsprocesser

This paper will deal with time registration issues experienced by our collaboration partner. Their customer desires more detailed invoicing on the time consumption, but this requirement cannot easily be supported by the current time registering system. In this paper, we will investigate the problem through the MUST method, which assists us in performing a user-driven study. The report is based on empirical data collection involving employees and includes interviews, questionnaires and observations through the think-aloud method.

Interaktionen ml. smartphone-individet

The purpose of this project is to investigate the interaction between smartphones and individuals. In Denmark alone, nine out of ten Danes own a smartphone. 85 percent of them (aged 16-64 years old) use their smartphones for private media consumption and purposes.
Not only are smartphones usable in the communication sector, but they are also ideal for other purposes. The fact that smartphones are getting “smarter”, generates concerns and inevitable
consequences for the individual consumers.

Kønsroller i barndomshjem – Podcast

En podcast hvor vi diskuterer kønsroller.


This project examines how to optimize the reading and registration of blood sugar levels for diabetics with the use of a TCS3200 colour sensor together with an Arduino Uno board, and how to implement a new and improved glucose measuring artefact in the Danish healthcare sector.

Flappy Fairy game

In the game “Flappy Fairy” the player control a fairy, attempting to fly between columns of brown pipes without hitting them.

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