Kommunikation i sundhedsvæsenet

In Denmark practitioners and patients are not good at communicating with each other, which has led to 63 people dying each year because of patient injuries that occur due to misdiagnosis. Over time, the Danish government in collaboration with municipalities and regions have improved digitalization in danish healthcare, intending to support communication for this issue. With this in mind, the project examines if an app can contribute to stronger communication between a general practitioner and a patient.

Brugerdrevet design

The purpose of thisprojectistotry to identify common tendencies in different PD cases, and to see if it is possible to schematize these tendencies, toachievea higher understanding, and a helpful guide for future PD-projects.Furthermore, the project will explainindetail how current PD-projectsfunction and the ups and downs by takingaparticipatory approach.The project will include a comprehensivedata analysis, interviews with leading PDresearchersand the use of theauto ethnographicapproach.Through empirical,quantitativeand qualitativemethods, the project has found its foundation in six…

The Unknown Data

This project focuses on relevance algorithms, and how Social Media platforms potentially use the technology. We focus our research on the platform Facebook for this project. The report is in Danish, and will touch upon the subject, on how Facebook arguably collect data from their userbase, and from other third-party programs, applications and such, with the purpose of providing personalized content and advertisement. The report also investigates how relevance algorithms might work. To research how Facebook potentially do that, we execute and analyze an experiment, and try to reach a …

Datasikkerhed i ansigsgenkendelse

Vi undersøger ansigtsgenkendelse som teknologi. Heriblandt kigger vi på lovgivningen og udfordringerne. Vi udfører vores eget eksperiment.

Pas på nerverne

Degnestavnen Legeplads er et samlingspunkt i Nordvest for skoler, daginstitutioner, familier, foreninger og andre lokale i området.

Opgaven tager udgangspunkt i at lave et redesign af Degnestavnen legeplads, hvor løsningsforslaget vil inddrage legepladsens historie, identitet og ‘pas på nerverne’ princip.

Løsningsforslag: Legepladsens nuværende elementer bibeholdes. Den asfalterede del af legepladsen vil blive farvelagt med ‘nervebaner’, som referer til legepladsens tidligere leder og guru Niels Bay. Nervebanerne skal være med til at inspirere til leg i de nuværende legezoner.


In this project we are looking into the issue of long queues at the bar in night clubs in an attempt to design a solution. We will start by investigating the problem, through a combination of interviews, surveys, observations and theory about the psychological functions of waiting lines.

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