In this project we try to get a sense of how the youth struggles with decluttering their homes and we attempt to make an application that focuses on this while also keeping them engaged in the application. We will be looking at various theories concerning games and motivation, to find the best possible solution.
This application will be based on image recognition which will help to connect the application to reality. We will end this project by concluding on our findings throughout the process of making this project.

Digitalisering af Carlshuse


SoMe’s design og effekter af Skærmtid

This project examines the use of social media and how it affects the daily lives of Danish students. We will study if technology may factor in behavioural changes. We will look into if Apple’s Screen time could be a tool to decrease the user’s time on social media.

KI i transport: Selvkørende biler

This paper is a study of autonomous cars focusing on the artificial intelligence used in the development of the vehicles. Our research also includes the effects the technology will have on the Danish society, in particular the infrastructure and social behaviour.

Pas på nerverne

Degnestavnen Legeplads er et samlingspunkt i Nordvest for skoler, daginstitutioner, familier, foreninger og andre lokale i området.

Opgaven tager udgangspunkt i at lave et redesign af Degnestavnen legeplads, hvor løsningsforslaget vil inddrage legepladsens historie, identitet og ‘pas på nerverne’ princip.

Løsningsforslag: Legepladsens nuværende elementer bibeholdes. Den asfalterede del af legepladsen vil blive farvelagt med ‘nervebaner’, som referer til legepladsens tidligere leder og guru Niels Bay. Nervebanerne skal være med til at inspirere til leg i de nuværende legezoner.

Interaktiv Lydlegeplads

This semester project deals with the involuntary exposure to an increasing amount of high frequency electromagnetic radiation – mainly as a result of modern telecommunication technologies. In this case the thesis goes that whatever we cannot experience, we aren’t as inclined to give much importance to. The approach of this project has therefore been to introduce an instrument that demonstrates a felt awareness through translating the otherwise invisible signals into hearable sound.

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