Design af en scan-og-betal app

This paper examines existing scan and go applications for supermarkets in Denmark and identifies the design issues to develop a design solution which will meet users’ needs and contribute to a better user experience.

Optimering af arbejdsprocesser

This paper will deal with time registration issues experienced by our collaboration partner. Their customer desires more detailed invoicing on the time consumption, but this requirement cannot easily be supported by the current time registering system. In this paper, we will investigate the problem through the MUST method, which assists us in performing a user-driven study. The report is based on empirical data collection involving employees and includes interviews, questionnaires and observations through the think-aloud method.

Task Management

This project examines how to develop a tool for task scheduling using the Google Calendar API. Our program aims to be helpful for students who have difficulties planning the school assignments into their calendar.
We have integrated the Google Calendar and our application, which inserts the tasks into the user’s calendar. The scheduling algorithm handles the tasks’ deadline and duration, splits them into multiple events and sends them to the free time slots.

SoMe’s design og effekter af Skærmtid

This project examines the use of social media and how it affects the daily lives of Danish students. We will study if technology may factor in behavioural changes. We will look into if Apple’s Screen time could be a tool to decrease the user’s time on social media.

KI i transport: Selvkørende biler

This paper is a study of autonomous cars focusing on the artificial intelligence used in the development of the vehicles. Our research also includes the effects the technology will have on the Danish society, in particular the infrastructure and social behaviour.

Angry Mario

During the “Noob to Master” workshop, I developed a game that is a mix between the gamehits as Mario, Flappy Bird and Angry Birds.

Interaktiv app guide for turister

This project is based on our interest in traveling, our own experiences and the need we see for developing an app that can help people experience Copenhagen, without being blinded by the commercial attractions that Denmark tries to sell.
We have discovered that people encounter a set of problems when they plan a trip, and when they have to navigate around in a new country and a new city.
Through research and comparison of existing apps, we have found the best and most important features and combined them into one app that allows the person to personalize the trip most optimal for them.

Anna isn't working on any live projects right now.