Task Management

This project examines how to develop a tool for task scheduling using the Google Calendar API. Our program aims to be helpful for students who have difficulties planning the school assignments into their calendar.
We have integrated the Google Calendar and our application, which inserts the tasks into the user’s calendar. The scheduling algorithm handles the tasks’ deadline and duration, splits them into multiple events and sends them to the free time slots.

Guerrilla Data Collection

Hvordan bruger man Arduino og hvordan kan vi bruge det til at indsamle noget data til at lave vores eget produkt?

Datingkulturen i det moderne samfund

The purpose of this project is to examine how Tinder works and have changed the way people date in the modern society.

Den Gode Død

This project was formed because of our interest in the relationship of the Danish people to death
or the lack thereof. We wanted to find out which possibilities the different technologies and rituals
presents to the people who die and those closest to them. This is not just about the funeral itself,
but also focuses on the way people choose to remember those they lost afterwards.
We quickly found out that there are certain rules and rituals when it comes to the funeral itself, but
when it comes to the needs of the people left behind, and in some cases the person who died, then
there are not a

Mental sundhed

This project investigates young women’s relationship to social media, were our target group is the 16 to 24 year old women. Our main focus is to find out how the social media is used by our target group, as well as what impact it can have on their mental health. We will use empirical methods as well as theoretical knowledge to get an overall view of the problem, and we will use it to create an understanding between our target group and us. We found out that the young women were aware of the impact of social media in their everyday life, through our quantitative study and our qualitative studie

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