Netnografisk analyse af BTS som subkul

In this project we wanted to investigate how the communication between members of the fangroup ARMY are and what we can tell from their communication. We wanted to find out how the individual ARMY member feels and why he or she is a member.
We have found out that each member of ARMY identifies themselves as ARMY. From their communications with other members of ARMY online, we have found out that their sense of identity and some of their stories are bigger than just being a fan.

Den Gode Død

This project was formed because of our interest in the relationship of the Danish people to death
or the lack thereof. We wanted to find out which possibilities the different technologies and rituals
presents to the people who die and those closest to them. This is not just about the funeral itself,
but also focuses on the way people choose to remember those they lost afterwards.
We quickly found out that there are certain rules and rituals when it comes to the funeral itself, but
when it comes to the needs of the people left behind, and in some cases the person who died, then
there are not a


In this project we are looking into the issue of long queues at the bar in night clubs in an attempt to design a solution. We will start by investigating the problem, through a combination of interviews, surveys, observations and theory about the psychological functions of waiting lines.


not done yet

Nina isn't working on any live projects right now.