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Here we have the finished product that we are bringing to showtime.

//MagicMirror2 from MagicMirror2 import tkinter as tk from tkinter import * startupscreen = tk.Tk() startupscreen.title('Magic Mirror: Python Mod') welcometext = tk.Label(startupscreen, font = ('caviar dreams', 40), bg='black', fg='white') startupscreen.configure(background='black') startupscreen.overrideredirect(True) welcometext.config(text='Mirror: Vuoristo Mod') welcometext.pack(side=LEFT, padx= 120, pady=80) # Gets the requested values of the height and widht. windowWidth = startupscreen.winfo_reqwidth() windowHeight = startupscreen.winfo_reqheight() # Gets both half the screen width/height and window width/height positionRight = int(startupscreen.winfo_screenwidth()/3 - windowWidth/2) positionDown = int(startupscreen.winfo_screenheight()/2 - windowHeight/2) # Positions the window in the center of the page. startupscreen.geometry("+{}+{}".format(positionRight, positionDown)) startupscreen.update() import time from newsapi import NewsApiClient import os decrypt = list() global iteration global timecount global repull global sleep iteration = 0 timecount = 0 repull = 0 sleep = 0 while True: def tick(time1=''): time2 = time.strftime("%H") if time2 != time1: time1 = time2 clock_frame.config(text=time2) clock_frame.after(200, tick) def tickk(time3=''): time4 = time.strftime(":%M:%S") if time4 != time3: time3 = time4 clock_frame2.config(text=time4) clock_frame2.after(200, tickk) #This function waits for a certain amount of 'tocks' and then initiates 'newsheader' -function def tock(): global timecount global repull global sleep global decrypt newstitle.after(200, tock) if timecount < 20: timecount +=1 else: timecount = 0 newsheader() if repull < 200: repull +=1 else: repull = 0 headlines = api.get_top_headlines(sources='bbc-news') payload = headlines decrypt = (payload['articles']) maxrange = len(decrypt) if sleep < 800: sleep+=1 else: sleep = 0 motiondetector() api = NewsApiClient(api_key='API_KEY') #This sequence decrypts the info feed for the script headlines = api.get_top_headlines(sources='bbc-news') #print(headlines) payload = headlines decrypt = (payload['articles']) maxrange = len(decrypt) #This function iterates over the news headlines. Iteration is the news number, 'itemlist' brings out only the title. def newsheader(): global iteration global decrypt itemlist = decrypt[iteration] #print(itemlist['title']) newstitle.config(text=itemlist['title']) source.config(text=itemlist['author']) if iteration < 9: iteration +=1 else: iteration = 0 root = tk.Tk() root.title('Mirror') masterclock = tk.Label(root) masterclock.pack(anchor=NW, fill=X, padx=45) masterclock.configure(background='black') clock_frame = tk.Label(root, font = ('caviar dreams', 130), bg='black', fg='white') clock_frame.pack(in_=masterclock, side=LEFT) clock_frame2 = tk.Label(root, font = ('caviar dreams', 70), bg='black', fg='white') clock_frame2.pack(in_=masterclock, side=LEFT, anchor = N, ipady=15) newstitle = tk.Label(root, font = ('caviar dreams', 30), bg='black', fg='white') newstitle.pack(side=BOTTOM, anchor=W, fill=X) source = tk.Label(root, font = ('caviar dreams', 20), bg='black', fg='white') source.pack(side=BOTTOM, anchor=W, fill=X) newsheader() tick() tickk() tock() root.attributes("-fullscreen", True) root.configure(background='black') startupscreen.destroy() root.mainloop()