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Offentligt transport

This project incorporates the dimensions “Subjectivity, Technology and Society”, “Design & Construction”, and “Scientific Theory”.
The assignment is focused on the sustainable and environmentally friendly aspects of public transport systems. The report goes on to explore how green and sustainable public transport truly is, and how we can make people between the ages of 18 to 29 play a bigger part in slowing down the global CO₂ emissions by choosing public transportation.

Autonome køretøjer

Large parts of society and our jobs are on their way to be automated, so why don’t we fully automate vehicles? We have already seen the metro under Copenhagen become fully automated. In the US, there are already autonomous vehicles driving on roads with non-autonomous vehicles.
What will happen when autonomous technology takes over people’s jobs? This effect has already been felt in the automobile industry, were assembly is now shared between robots and people.


Here we have the finished product that we are bringing to showtime.

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