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it’s about VRChat and relations in said program

Ansigt psykologi

The intention of this report is to document our studies about facial recognition and anxiety. We
investigated if it would be possible, with the help of facial recognition, to see some early signs
of anxiety. The methods we used in this study to gather information are Litteratur, interviews,
Participant observation, online surveys, Qualitative and Quantitative methods, trin-model, and
test of technology.
There are some topics we need to understand in order to see if facial recognition could be used
as a tool to discover early signs of anxiety. We need to understand how anxiety works.

Lydportræt af Skriget

Lydportræt af Skriget.

Videopræsentation: https://youtu.be/fGfjQ3AzPuw

Tracker med Pulsmåler

The intention for this report is to document our study of a GPS-tracker combined with a heart
rate sensor, for the people diagnosed with dementia and to give relatives less concern and more stability in their daily routine.
In this report, there are some sub-topics we need to understand, to make a good prototype.

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