Videoen til launch ligger under milepælen “Showtime præsentation” – god fornøjelse”

Glade og engageret studerende

Launch indeholder testdata fra vores respondenter. Det er vigtigt at sige, at vi ikke kan generalisere ud fra den data vi har fået, men det giver en udemærket indikation.

Tracker med Pulsmåler

The intention for this report is to document our study of a GPS-tracker combined with a heart
rate sensor, for the people diagnosed with dementia and to give relatives less concern and more stability in their daily routine.
In this report, there are some sub-topics we need to understand, to make a good prototype.

Danske Bank – Hvidvaskning

I have participated in the workshop “noob to master” which is about programming in processing.

After a week of theory, we had to code a game that contained what we had learned.

very fun workshop with some clever teachers.

Here is a short videopresentation of the game.