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Hjemløses teknologiske udfordringer

En undersøgelse af hjemløse i københavns udfordringer med teknologi.

Ansigt psykologi

The intention of this report is to document our studies about facial recognition and anxiety. We
investigated if it would be possible, with the help of facial recognition, to see some early signs
of anxiety. The methods we used in this study to gather information are Litteratur, interviews,
Participant observation, online surveys, Qualitative and Quantitative methods, trin-model, and
test of technology.
There are some topics we need to understand in order to see if facial recognition could be used
as a tool to discover early signs of anxiety. We need to understand how anxiety works.

Overvågning På Instagram

Dette er vores færdige projekt omkring overvågning på Instagram.

Overvågning i det offentlige rum

Overvågning i det offentlige rum

Anti Racistisk Kunst Projekt

Kunst projekt der arbejder med blandingen mellem empati og interaktion igennem teknologi.

Vær opmærksom på at læse disclaimer før der blev set nogle film

Ansigtsgenkendelse i Kina og London

This project seeks to examine the technology of facial recognition, to get an understanding of the consequences it brings. The research question is defined as follows:

“How does the technology behind face recognition work, and which positive and negative consequences can the technology have for the citizens of China and London?”.

VR i sammenspil med psykisk lidelse


In The Chains Of Algorithms

This project is a study regarding the usage of Facebook’s News Feed focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This project’s research will also include the effects the technology has on the users, in particular how the algorithms might polarize and in worst case radicalize the user. Our findings show that Facebook’s news feed consists of machine learning, decision trees and matrixes. These technological parts are what makes every single news feed individual and can to some extent make a user polarised and radicalised.

In our theoretical part of the project we made an in-depth

Teknologisk overvågning

In this report, we seek to examine technological surveillance in workplaces and environments and thereby the consequential influence on the employees. This examination is carried out through a thorough investigation of a particular case concerning nemlig.com as a workplace by the assessing of three technologies, and the influence and consequences of their implementation, in comparison to their supposed purposes.

Videospil med Kunstig intelligens

We looked at the effect microtransactions has on both the player but also the game industry

VR Eksponeringsterapi for Social Angst

Social anxiety has for a long time been a problem for many people because of its ability to stun people and make them scared of normal human to human interaction, but now we may have a new way to help people with this problem in the form of VR technology.
The purpose of this report is to explore how VR technology can help people with social anxiety problems and what can be done to implement and innovate VR technology as a means of exposure therapy.

GPS overvågning

This Project assignment is about the Global Positioning System (GPS), how it works and its impact on society in relation to smart mobility.
We used the 6-step model by Thomas Budde Christensen, Erling Jelsøe and Niels Jørgensen, to understand how the GPS work and operates.
Throughout the project, four different cases will be examined, which gives an overview on the great impact GPS has on society in relation to smart mobility.


Workshop podcast.

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Tracker med Pulsmåler

The intention for this report is to document our study of a GPS-tracker combined with a heart
rate sensor, for the people diagnosed with dementia and to give relatives less concern and more stability in their daily routine.
In this report, there are some sub-topics we need to understand, to make a good prototype.

Brætspildesign workshop

Vi har de sidste 2 uger designet og produceret vores eget brætspil ved navn “2020 Sygt Spil”.
Spillet kan spilles af 3 til 4 spillere og tager 30-45 min at gennemføre. Spillet foregår i en fiktiv verden der er hærget af en virus. Denne verdensorden er dybt ufunktionel da ingen lande samarbejder med hinanden og derfor spiller man mod hinanden. Det gælder helt simpelt om at udvikle en vaccine før de andre spillere.