The purpose of this research project is to examine the significance of attachment in relation to self-regulation in an individual’s life. Our research question is defined as follows:
What significance does the child’s attachment to its parents have for the child’s ability to self-regulate in childhood and adulthood?
Our aim is to nuance our understanding of the concept of attachment and what significance this has for the ability to self-regulate. We analyzed Walter Mischel’s Marshmallow experiment on self-control with a hermeneutic approach as our scientific theoretical position.

Digital Selvskade

This project seeks to examine how acknowledgement and the performance-oriented society leads young women to join the online PRIV-network.

Virtuelt prøverum

This examination contains a statement of the problem about the volume of returns in online fashion, including the environmental impact it provides. The examination is based on the corporation Boozt.com. The actual problem occurs, when the size guides and other factors makes it hard for the consumers to find the correct sizes. This makes it more likely that consumers buy multiple pieces of the same outfit in various sizes.

Digitale fodspor og effekten af cookie

The focus of this study is how cookies and their algorithms, influence the youth, in specific Genera-tion Z, through the social media called TikTok. We seek to inform about the influence of social media in relation to Generation Z, and attempt to better our understanding of the issues that may arise, as social media apps like TikTok entangle themselves in the lives of a young generation.

Podcast – Det Kontroversielle Hjørne

Tag gerne dine høretelefoner på – så opnår du klart den bedste lyd oplevelse.
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Videopræsentation af vores podcast kan ses nederst her 🙂

At leve med døden

The focus of this study is an illumination of the troubles we go through as a society, in talking to the bereaved. We seek to reevaluate this process and attempt to give life to a discussion about it. As part of the study, we made a short documentary, wherein we interview people who have been touched by the loss of a loved one and get their perspectives on how to improve the situation.

Workshop – Designantropologiske metode

Vi har i vores workshop fået en masse teknikker og værktøjer til interviews og brugerinddragede undersøgelser. Disse har vist sig at være meget interessante for vores projekt og vi valgte derfor at arbejde med udgangspunkt i vores semesterprojekt som er “At leve med døden”.
Vi fandt hurtigt ud af, at vi skulle snævre vores målgruppe meget ind, og i den forbindelse valgte vi at lave et spørgeskema som vi opnåede over 200 besvarelser på. Ud fra det valgte vi at arbejde videre med målgruppen “Den efterladtes pårørende”, da vi ud fra undersøgelsen kunne se at der var et stort behov for samtale.

Anna Matilde isn't working on any live projects right now.