Digitale fodspor og effekten af cookie

The focus of this study is how cookies and their algorithms, influence the youth, in specific Genera-tion Z, through the social media called TikTok. We seek to inform about the influence of social media in relation to Generation Z, and attempt to better our understanding of the issues that may arise, as social media apps like TikTok entangle themselves in the lives of a young generation.

Optimering af Den Røde Plads

Denne video præsentation indeholder en udpensling af vores forståede problemer af Den Røde Plads, en analyse af problemets realitet samt et bud på hvordan man evt. kunne imødekomme sagte problem.

At leve med døden

The focus of this study is an illumination of the troubles we go through as a society, in talking to the bereaved. We seek to reevaluate this process and attempt to give life to a discussion about it. As part of the study, we made a short documentary, wherein we interview people who have been touched by the loss of a loved one and get their perspectives on how to improve the situation.

The girl

Dette er vores workshop produkt “the girl”. The girl er vores bud på at skabe en gyselig oplevelse kun ved hjælp af lyde vi selv har optaget og manipuleret.

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