VR og Mental sundhed

In this paper we want to investigate how Virtual Reality technology can contribute to the treatment of social anxiety. We want to explore this based on knowledge about Virtual Reality technology and the current treatments for social anxiety.

Algoritme og Virksomheder

In this paper we want to investigate how Google as a search engine operates. We also seek to investigate how a given website’s rank can be increased on Google, based on the theory of search enginge optimization. In this regard we teamed up with the Human Ressource company, HRtechX, to illustrate how their website ranking on Google could be increased.
Our thesis explores whether HrtechXs ranking on Google can be affected by well-known search engine optimization strategies and theory hereabout. We describe the most important and relevant aspects of a search engine which include the following:

Optimering af Den Røde Plads

Denne video præsentation indeholder en udpensling af vores forståede problemer af Den Røde Plads, en analyse af problemets realitet samt et bud på hvordan man evt. kunne imødekomme sagte problem.

Augmented Reality via skolen og museer

In this paper, we want to investigate the use of Augmented Reality in educational settings. We hypothesize that schools in Denmark do not have the same opportunities to visit and explore museums due to the great distance. Therefore, we want to explore the possibilities in designing a program that can solve this issue. To make a useful program for schools that displays culture and art, we have analyzed and examined the studies regarding the use of Augmented Reality in educational settings and explored learning theories.

Digital produktion – workshop Emilie

Video præsentation

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