Digital Selvskade

This project seeks to examine how acknowledgement and the performance-oriented society leads young women to join the online PRIV-network.

Anti-depressiv medicin blandt unge

More and more people are getting into depression and the number of young people getting sick has grown much in the last decade. Mental disorders are a taboo subject in society and there is generally a lack of knowledge about the subject among the population, making it difficult for young people to decide what to do if they feel depressed.

Sociale medier og mental sundhed

Instagram og mental sundhed
– Hvordan relateres det
– Skader de sociale medier (Instagram) ens mentale sundhed

Genbrug af polystyren

This report is about EPS waste management in Denmark. EPS also known as Styrofoam is a styrene plastic material, which is widely used as packaging. The following report includes analytical research about the problematics regarding collection and transport of EPS, in regards to recycling of the material. The aim of the report is to provide a design as a solution to collecting EPS in the danish society – better than the one currently in place. In order to achieve this, the design of the new solution is based on affordances familiar to the danish public, interviews and a questionnaire.

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