Twitter og Amerikansk Politik

This project examines the present use of Twitter in relation to the American presidential election in 2020. Furthermore, it examines the possible consequences and problems related to the use of Twitter, as well as some of the regulations on the subject.The project concludes that the use of Twitter in the weeks before the election increases. Filter bubbles and misinformation are two central problems related to the use of Twitter, and the project concludes that there is a need for transparency on the subject and the current way of regulating it.

Kystsikring af Køge Bugt

This paper examines the consequences of combined coastal- and pluvial floods and how to
plan against flooding, in a case study of the current coastal protection plan in Køge municipal
called; Lokalplan 1050-Køge Dige. The project is examined through a hypothetical-deductive
approach, drawing on theory about technology analysis, urban flooding and combined floods.
Through the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods in a mixed-methods
approach, the study has collected data that is used throughout the paper.

Nyheds- og Informationsplatform

This paper examines news and social media habits of Danish people, ages sixteen to twentyeight. Furthermore, how they interact with their chosen news platform(s), such as social
media or official news sites. Exploiting both qualitative & quantitative research methods, the
project has collected data which is applied throughout the project. The project have analysed,
using these methods, the behavior and patterns of the tested respondents. The paper also
describes a practical solution in the form of a mobile application and how to make it appealing.

Brætspil: Det Skæve Valg

Dette er et politisk ukorrekt bræt spil.

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