Ansigtsgenkendelsesteknologi og CCTV

The purpose of this project is to explain the technology facial recognition (FRT) and CCTV in a technological system. Furthermore, to examine if the citizens in the Danish society changes their behaviour because of the increased amount of surveillance in public spaces.

Creative Sound – workshop

Den færdige QR-kode

Nyheds- og Informationsplatform

This paper examines news and social media habits of Danish people, ages sixteen to twentyeight. Furthermore, how they interact with their chosen news platform(s), such as social
media or official news sites. Exploiting both qualitative & quantitative research methods, the
project has collected data which is applied throughout the project. The project have analysed,
using these methods, the behavior and patterns of the tested respondents. The paper also
describes a practical solution in the form of a mobile application and how to make it appealing.