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This project examines the technology hydroponic and how it is implemented and used in the context of the society. Hydroponic is a modern farming-technology which is not a common use in today’s conventional farming structures. The technology is based on a water-irrigation-system. This system is connected to a nutrient- and mineral-based dispenser. The goal of hydroponics is to keep the crop hydrated and nutrient-rich. The crop is situated in a non-soil-based growth medium.

GNSS & mikromobilitet

This project addresses the impact GNSS-technology has on the development of the new company-driven micromobility in Copenhagen. The project first analyzes GNSS-Technology, then take the diffusion of the technology into consideration by holding Everett Rogers’ “Diffusion and Innovations” up against one official evaluation report, a survey on mobility habits in Copenhagen and the embedded social practices suggested in John Urry’s theory about the new mobility paradigm.

Creative Sound – workshop

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The result of a growing society of consumers is a growing amount of waste. Recent years an
increase of awareness of the condition of the climate and environment and where this is
heading, has caused more countries to reflect upon their own sustainability. An important
factor in the strategy to reform the current pattern of linear resource use, is to increase
reusage and recycling of waste. This paper focus is on the division of biowaste. While the
municipality of Copenhagen has rolled out a biowaste gathering and reusage plan. This paper
researches the role of the citizen and the bio-bin that

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