Kunderejse hos Oveo

This paper examines how Oveo is structured as a business, what obstacles they encounter and how their customer journey can be optimized. We conclude that Oveo should be aware of its structure due to overtime work and due to the fact that the international employees risk not feeling like a part of the community. We also suggest that Oveo establishes a channel, where leads and customers can evaluate the product. This will also give Oveo an insight into what their customer segment needs as well as feels during the customer journey, which could improve their product in the long term.

Mobileffekter og forstyrrende objekter

This paper concludes that the observed children can be distracted by objects in the classroom, both mobile devices and non-technological
objects. However, mobile devices have certain affordances that intentionally invite
the user to be distracted. Therefore, we conclude that it is effective for schools to
make rules and policies regarding the use of mobile devices. However, it can be
discussed whether we, as adults, can make these statements about the lives of
children, when we have an entirely different lifeworld perspective.

Smartwatch Tracking

Selftracking with smartwatches to live a healthy life


In this student project, we will research the possibility to change the current ordering system in the Danish nightclubs. To enlighten the subject, we will use different theories and methods from the courses Design and Construction, and Subjectivity, Technology and Society. These will be used to compile relevant data and build a prototype. We will analyze the findings within the theories and methods that we use. From that, we will use the Design-model to evaluate the feedback from our respondents, in order to make the best possible solution for our users. In the end, we will discuss the result

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