Hydroponik i konventionell landbrug

En semesteroppave omkring hydronpiske fabrikker i Danmark og Japan.


The result of a growing society of consumers is a growing amount of waste. Recent years an
increase of awareness of the condition of the climate and environment and where this is
heading, has caused more countries to reflect upon their own sustainability. An important
factor in the strategy to reform the current pattern of linear resource use, is to increase
reusage and recycling of waste. This paper focus is on the division of biowaste. While the
municipality of Copenhagen has rolled out a biowaste gathering and reusage plan. This paper
researches the role of the citizen and the bio-bin that

Guerrilla Data Collection?

We ended up presenting our project for the locals on the island. When we told them that the fish had disappeared they quickly ensured us that they for sure would be able to find it – because many of the people on Ærø knows each other. From this knowlegde it seems that our data collecting fish have potentiel to make a great map all across the island. But we would have to redesign and reprogram it a bit. We have evaluated that it would be a better idea to have a almost constant collect gps-data and put an independent server inside to keep a good signal.

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