The result of a growing society of consumers is a growing amount of waste. Recent years an
increase of awareness of the condition of the climate and environment and where this is
heading, has caused more countries to reflect upon their own sustainability. An important
factor in the strategy to reform the current pattern of linear resource use, is to increase
reusage and recycling of waste. This paper focus is on the division of biowaste. While the
municipality of Copenhagen has rolled out a biowaste gathering and reusage plan. This paper
researches the role of the citizen and the bio-bin that

Fremtidens Energisystem 2025

København kommune har en plan om, at være CO2 neutrale ved udgangen af 2025. Dette projekt er et bud på et eventuelt design af et fremtidigt urbant energisystem.

Hvordan kan man re-designe københavns energisystem, ved at udskifte fossile brændsler, så man kan opnå CO2 neutralitet ved udgangen af 2025?

Pilotprojekt 1 (Klima)

Almost everybody wants to see a greener world, a place where we don’t contaminate our surroundings to a degree that is destroying our world. In many cases, though, it’s difficult to find cheap and effective solutions without having an internal department looking for solutions. We wanted to look for options to optimize climate solutions for companies and public institutions, in an easy and accessible way.

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