Covid-19’s påvirkning af PD-metoder

The purpose of this paper, is to examine how Covid-19 and the restrictions that have followed, have affected participatory design (PD) methods.
PD is well-known for being a design method where cooperation and user involvement is essential. When Covid-19 hit the world at the beginning of 2020 many countries tried to fight the pandemic with lock downs and social distancing. In the wake of these, it is the hypothesis that PD as a method was affected.

Ansigtsgenkendelsesteknologi og CCTV

The purpose of this project is to explain the technology facial recognition (FRT) and CCTV in a technological system. Furthermore, to examine if the citizens in the Danish society changes their behaviour because of the increased amount of surveillance in public spaces.

Red Resten

The purpose of this report is to examine how to decrease food waste in single – and family households by using an app as a tool to change their behaviour.

Our prototype was made as a story board in Photoshop. The initial design was brought to the interviews to get feedback for further development.

To have the best foundation to further develop the app, we looked at previous research papers that focus on this specific subject. We used the findings of those papers to establish what had previously worked and failed and made new design proposals based on that and our findings in our interviews