Twitter og Amerikansk Politik

This project examines the present use of Twitter in relation to the American presidential election in 2020. Furthermore, it examines the possible consequences and problems related to the use of Twitter, as well as some of the regulations on the subject.The project concludes that the use of Twitter in the weeks before the election increases. Filter bubbles and misinformation are two central problems related to the use of Twitter, and the project concludes that there is a need for transparency on the subject and the current way of regulating it.


In modern times, we’re all aware of the rapid climate changes and drastic changes in nature, resulting in modern society having to adapt. Some of these changes, are floods which can destroy large areas and comes with great expenses. In this paper, we’ve chosen to analyse and investigate the area of Jyllinge Nordmark in Roskilde Fjord, by looking at the coast-protection project which is still in process. The paper will include sections to describe the chosen technology and argue why they’ve chosen to work with this form of technology.

Digital hjælpemiddel til type 2 diabet

This paper explains T2DM and social inequality within the illness. Furthermore it shows the use of SDSM. Interviews were made in order to make an analysis. Based on that analysis we created a design. Thereafter we discuss our designs ability to embrace social inequality within the treatment of type 2 diabetes.


The focus of this project is about simplifying appointments in the healthcare sector by enlightening the possibilities by analysing the existing applications and their strengths and weeknesses.

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