Menneskerettigheder i en digital alder

Ever since societies across the world has started employing algorithms to sort data in social context, the distribution of sorting algorithms has engaged several studies that concern algorithmic
construction, unintended effects of algorithmic sorting, and how individuals, technology and society merge and flourish in our age. Several of these studies has put a strong focus on the hidden layer of information that most studies have denoted: the ‘black box’ of the algorithm.


In modern times, we’re all aware of the rapid climate changes and drastic changes in nature, resulting in modern society having to adapt. Some of these changes, are floods which can destroy large areas and comes with great expenses. In this paper, we’ve chosen to analyse and investigate the area of Jyllinge Nordmark in Roskilde Fjord, by looking at the coast-protection project which is still in process. The paper will include sections to describe the chosen technology and argue why they’ve chosen to work with this form of technology.


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