Den grønne død

The report explores alternative burial methods for a greener direction. The technologies mentioned from beginning to end will display the possibility of a decrease in the carbon dioxide pollution and the establishment of a sustainable environment. The report will enlighten the views of different groups in the community of Denmark. We will discuss the ethics of the use of the technology on corpses by interviewing individuals and analyzing select texts. We will also study the possibility of diffusion of the burial methods in the society of Denmark.

Facial Recognition

In the mid-1950s the first stage of technology to innovate machines, computers and systems was the phenomenal wisdom about artificial intelligence. Machines and systems are becoming more and more intelligent, they can identify us humans, and they have the probability to read your emotions. Digging deeper into the machine world, we raise questions of how these machines are programmed and systemized which gives this project an insight of scientific and ethical aspects of facial recognition technology. The goal of this project is to understand the complexity of facial recognition.

Reaper vs. Trump

How to program a simple game that is class-based and object-oriented, inspired by an existing game design, in Java IDE Processing?

The result is a tiny shooting game inspired by the game design of Asteroids. In Reaper vs. Trump you play the Grim Reaper shooting laser bullets through the eyes, and you get more powerful the more plutonium you collect, as you ultimately get shooting directions in all four axes. The objective is to eliminate all Trumps within 60 seconds, and it will get more challenging as the heads multiply into smaller ones once the big ones are hit.


Dette er vores semesterprojekt på 1. semester.

The Womb

An audio journey of survival from within a womb of a mother escaping and searching for refuge.

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