During the last two decades, an interesting juxtaposition has been developing. On the one hand, the Anthropocene with its ever more pressing environmental issues. On the other, the growing science of mycorestoration, remedying these manmade problems by collaborating with fungi. This paper explores how the practices of mycofiltration, mycoforestry and mycoremediation can help alleviate some of Denmarks environmental challenges and how Science 2.0 could play a part in this. To survive the next century, inter-species collaboration might prove crucial.

Protection of otters in Denmark

In Denmark, the extinction status of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) is categorized as “vulnerable”. Sadly, each year many are killed by traffic when trying to cross the roads running through their habitat. In this paper we are researching how GIS can contribute to the surveillance and protection of the otter population in Denmark. We will investigate how analyses and processing of data in GIS can contribute to better informed initiatives in protecting otters from being killed by traffic. By looking into theory on conservation initiatives, like the Ramsar Convention…


Design af fremtidens energisystem

By planlægning på Mars

The focus of this paper is to study how a colony on Mars could be organised inside a lava tunnel. The paper will identify and try to solve the problems and challenges of constructing a colony in the hostile environment on Mars. The construction of a colony on Mars will help secure human survival as a species and help further our exploration into space.
We have through various methods and theories such as SDSM (Soft design science methodology), Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander and Trin-Modellen worked out a solution to our problem.

Brætspildesign workshop

Vi har de sidste 2 uger designet og produceret vores eget brætspil ved navn “2020 Sygt Spil”.
Spillet kan spilles af 3 til 4 spillere og tager 30-45 min at gennemføre. Spillet foregår i en fiktiv verden der er hærget af en virus. Denne verdensorden er dybt ufunktionel da ingen lande samarbejder med hinanden og derfor spiller man mod hinanden. Det gælder helt simpelt om at udvikle en vaccine før de andre spillere.

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