This project seeks to examine how the municipality of Copenhagen has created and implemented sensory carts in disability care homes to help employees regulate arousal levels of the residents. A sensory cart is a piece of furniture on wheels equipped with different instruments to stimulate the senses of disabled citizens. Although the use of sensory carts in care homes have been successful there were some changes made in the implementation process. The aim of this paper is to examine what work and adaptations need to be done in order to ensure an effective and positive implementation process.

De hjemløses verden

This project examines how Odense municipality can use GPS-tracking as a tool for citizen involvement regarding urban planning. It investigates social and technological aspects of how the homeless can be empowered by being included in the process of urban planning. Furthermore, the technologies and systems of GPS-tracking, data management and data visualization will be analyzed.


For at illustrere, hvilken betydning VR teknologien kan have for astronauter i fremtiden, har projektet produceret en video, som følger Kevin, en astronaut på vej til Mars.

I filmen viser vi, hvordan VR bodysuiten fungerer. Vi antager, at VR rummet ikke kan være alt for pladskrævende og tungt i første omgang. Derfor bliver rummet småt og der implementeres i stedet en treadmill, så der er mulighed for mere bevægelse. På den måde kan astronauter også bruge VR som en form for motion.

Vi håber i nyder filmen!

Come together

In this project, we have concluded that our solution regarding our research question; “How can modern technology help young adults with reaching out and finding people with the same hobbies in their community?”, was defined by the creation of an application. In regards to the app, we used different types of methods to help us investigate how to produce an application that will satisfy our targeted audiences such as Interviews, Hevners 3 cycles model, coloured cognitive mapping, storyboard, iterative method, prototypes, and logo method.

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