Crypto as an answer. To what question?

The group has sought to analyze and map out the nature and role of crypto currency in society and the implications of digital currency-like technologies for humans in society at large. This has been achieved through the application of actor-network theory and the derived theory of controversy mapping, as well as deductive, ontological reasoning practiced on selected cases of crypto currency applications in recent years. Langdon Winner’s theories of decentralization, technodeterminism, and technological somnambulism factor heavily in our analysis of crypto currency and blockchain technology.


This report attempts to solve the issue of the vulnerability in Port Safety´s product, LifeLadder. It does so, by designing an artefact which adds flexibility to a specific part of the modular system of LifeLadder, that part being the spacer. The report documents the process of analysing the problem, designing the solution, and testing the solution. The analysis is done using the theory of TRIN. With an adequate understanding of the problem, the design process can begin. This project is done based on the methods of iterative design and rapid prototyping.

Artificial Climate Generator 1000

Ever wanted to replicate the climate somewhere? Maybe so you can grow all the exotic plants you remember from there? The answer is The Artificial Klimate Generator 1000


Thispaper seeks to unfold and understand the reasons behind people’s behavior regarding discarded cigarette budsin the environment and aims to provide a suggestive solution to this problem. Through studies, surveys, and interviews this paper uncovers the theory and methodology behind people’s behavior and actions when discarding cigarette butts. These insights are gathered to get a clear understanding of how asystem for behavioral economics withan economic incentivecould be developed.Furthermore, this paper seeks to analyze and discuss the possible barriers regarding


We won the WE21!

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