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This paper seeks to analyze alternative protein farming systems, in order to present an idea of a different combined farming system, than what are being used today. The focus of the paper is mainly on the current area usage of the conventional animal protein farming, and the feed conversation rate of these.
This will be done by comparative analyses through already established knowledge from around the world, combined with visual models created to show the idea of an Entomo Aquaponics System, which combines the use of insect farming and aquaponics.


Thispaper seeks to unfold and understand the reasons behind people’s behavior regarding discarded cigarette budsin the environment and aims to provide a suggestive solution to this problem. Through studies, surveys, and interviews this paper uncovers the theory and methodology behind people’s behavior and actions when discarding cigarette butts. These insights are gathered to get a clear understanding of how asystem for behavioral economics withan economic incentivecould be developed.Furthermore, this paper seeks to analyze and discuss the possible barriers regarding


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