Crypto as an answer. To what question?

The group has sought to analyze and map out the nature and role of crypto currency in society and the implications of digital currency-like technologies for humans in society at large. This has been achieved through the application of actor-network theory and the derived theory of controversy mapping, as well as deductive, ontological reasoning practiced on selected cases of crypto currency applications in recent years. Langdon Winner’s theories of decentralization, technodeterminism, and technological somnambulism factor heavily in our analysis of crypto currency and blockchain technology.

Anbefalings systemer/modeller

YouTube has been accused of radicalizing users on their platform, through the unforeseen
consequence of the concept of the so-called filter bubbles. Through a series of experiments and case
studies, based on general implications of machine learning, black boxes and surveillance capitalism,
this research team has explored the validity of filter bubbles as a theory. By developing a model for
measuring nuttiness based on elements of structured observation, the team is able to determine the
general nut-number of any given YouTube video and measure the influence of clicks on the
recommender system

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