Teknostress hos ældre

This paper aims to investigate how the rising digitalization in Danish society affects the
elderly at nursing homes. This paper will work towards understanding the relatively new term
“technostress”, which is a feeling of stress, caused in some way by the use of technology.
The group has chosen this focus, because of how fast digitalization is happening in
Denmark. The group expects that because of how fast the digitalisation is going, certain
parts of society are going to be left behind. While other parts of society could have been the
focus point for this paper, the group chose to focus on t


This report attempts to solve the issue of the vulnerability in Port Safety´s product, LifeLadder. It does so, by designing an artefact which adds flexibility to a specific part of the modular system of LifeLadder, that part being the spacer. The report documents the process of analysing the problem, designing the solution, and testing the solution. The analysis is done using the theory of TRIN. With an adequate understanding of the problem, the design process can begin. This project is done based on the methods of iterative design and rapid prototyping.

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