The purpose of this project is to study the aspect of self-monitoring with a focus on how people use self-monitoring technologies such as Strava to track quantifiable data about themself. To investigate this, the project introduces a theoretical aspect of practice theory and Pierre Bourdieu, which will be applied through qualitative methods. Furthermore, to get an understanding for how the technology behind Strava is structured and developed, a technological analysis of Strava would be presented through the project. Moreover, the project aims to discover opportunities and restrictions correspo

Sommerpong – WSF21

Et spil udarbejdet i P5.js, hvor det gælder om at bounce is på en tunge. Rammer de to is ikke tungen og ryger ud i bunden af spillet, er der game over.

Optimering af seksualundervisning

The purpose of this project is to investigate what shortcomings there may be within sex education in primary school today as well as how these deficiencies can, for example, affect individuals’ actions and perceptions of reality as a ‘sexual citizen’ later on. After designing and constructing the prototype, the podcast was presented to respondents. Throughout the follow up interviews, respondents were asked if they felt the podcast would be a helpful tool in addressing the challenges of providing sex education in schools.

Postcards from Mars

Vores svar på en jobannonce, som botaniker assisteret med A.I. på Mars i 2040.

Kopier links på sidste side i det vedhæftede dokument for vores videoer.

Catharina, Irem, Thomas & Caroline

Catharina isn't working on any live projects right now.