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Smart mirror

Algoritmer og film

Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself “this movie is truly made for me”? Well, what if we said that maybe it is? Data and algorithms can be a strong combination when you use them together with the right knowledge and for the right purpose. Since the founding of the world wide web in 1989 digitalization of the world have been ever growing. In this project we examine how data is used to predict future movies and how agents at CAA use the data in their work. Through case study we learn that CAA consists of smaller departments like CAAdata. You could say that CAAdata is the secret


The importance of the internet, and its capability to facilitate information-, and knowledge sharing is ever-increasing. This trend, increases the importance of the foundational technical applications in cyberspace. However, some of the technology applications, like the web cookie, which is a small data file used to cache website attributes, are being used in ways, not intended initially, thus enabling controversy in its use, as it pertains to the tracking of personal information, for example. In this project, we will examine how the web cookie technology is facilitating surveillance capitalis

#WSF21 AI Workshop: Smartmirror

Via kodning og kreativitet har vi udarbejdet et Smartmirror samt en protype hertil. Du kan via de delte links prøve tøj på samt se processen bag.

Vi håber du syntes lige så meget om vores projekt som vi selv gør!! 😀

Tak fordi du kigger forbi!!!

God fornøjelse 😉

Optimering af seksualundervisning

The purpose of this project is to investigate what shortcomings there may be within sex education in primary school today as well as how these deficiencies can, for example, affect individuals’ actions and perceptions of reality as a ‘sexual citizen’ later on. After designing and constructing the prototype, the podcast was presented to respondents. Throughout the follow up interviews, respondents were asked if they felt the podcast would be a helpful tool in addressing the challenges of providing sex education in schools.

Podcast: Stop smitten, lyt til podcast

Den færdige podcast kan findes på soundcloud!
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